Specialized Services

1-Turnaround Inspection

For complete turnaround support, KOC provides experienced personnel, technical resources, equipment, and project management. UNIVERSAL is large inventory of advanced testing equipment and technical programs are designed to meet all your inspection requirements. Experienced project managers ensure that your turnaround is completed smoothly and on schedule.

2-Refinery Equipment Inspection

  • Inspection of all areas of plants
  • Pressure Vessels & Drums
  • Piping & Headers
  • Towers & Reactors
  • Internal Trays
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Fired Heaters, Furnace Boilers
  • Valves & Pumps
  • Separators & Regenerators
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Crane Hooks & Lifting Equipment
  • Storage Tank

3-Wet Magnetic Inspection Program

Proven methods for wet fluorescent magnetic particle inspection allow our experienced Inspectors to detect blistering, hydrogen or sulfide induced cracking in vessel, spheres, towers and other equipment. With the help of advanced database programs, our Inspectors record inspection findings, follow up with retesting after repairs, and thoroughly document it all for comparison and trending with past or future inspections.

4-Heat Exchanger Inspection Program

We have combined the full range of services for the evaluation of heat exchangers into a single comprehensive program. Our STEEL Test system provides rapid and accurate inspection of ferromagnetic heat exchanger tubing from the tube I.D. Other I.D. tube inspection methods in our programs includeremote visual inspection. Advanced computerized reporting and trending capabilities are also included.

 5-Tank Integrity Program

KOC’s Tank Integrity Program provides all the necessary internal and external tank inspections and documentation to comply with International Standard. All inspections are certified and follow comprehensive procedures for both in- service and out-of-service inspections.

  • External Visual Inspection
  • Vacuum Box testing of the floor seams
  • Ultrasonic for thickness and weld integrity
  • Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Testing for material integrity
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Metallurgical Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • Weld Procedure Qualification
  • Welder Certification
  • Engineer Review, Calculations and Recommendations


 6-On-Stream Inspection Program

KOC on stream Inspection Program effectively identifies replacement needs before your scheduled turnarounds KOC uses high temperature ultrasonic techniques in conjunction with insulation coring/replacement plug installation locate and measure wall thinning in insulated piping while in operation. We are able to provide you with the data necessary for advance run/repair/replacement decisions and planning to assure the safety of critical systems and reduce the turnaround time.

 7-Portable Alloy Analysis (PMI)

KOC Alloy Identification system accurately analyzes the elemental composition of metals and precisely identifies hundreds of alloys. Whether it is an incoming material inspection or an on-site replacement of critical parts, a few seconds are all that is necessary to positively identify almost any alloy. This saves clients time & money through avoidance of sending material samples to a metallurgical laboratory.


  • Receiving inspection
  • In-Service inspection
  • Failure analysis
  • Material sorting
  • Material salvage operations


 8-Internal bore Ultrasonic Service

KOC’s internal bore UT service provides precision ultrasonic thickness measurement of inaccessible boiler and heat exchanger tubing. Our experienced inspectors work inside the boiler drum or from the tube sheet, inserting an ultrasonic probe into the ID of each drum or from the tube sheet, and measuring thickness 360 degrees inside the tube. This method eliminates the need for costly scaffolding, surface preparation and insulation removal.

 9-Surface Replication

KOC’s experienced metallurgical technicians perform surface replication, an evaluation to detect creep voids on plant equipment in the early stages of formation without damaging the component or cutting a sample. It is also effective for detection and evaluation of intergranular corrosion including IGSCC, micro cracking, carbide precipitation, carbonization, inclusions, damage caused by over temperature excursions or thermal, cycling and various other conditions. We provide information on-site to allow immediate corrective action, when required. When creep voids are detected early, you have adequate time to make operational changes to slow the creep void mechanism, repair or replace the components and plan for the future.

 10-Engineering Services

Through working relationship with a number of top engineering firms, we can provide complete engineering services in conjunction with our testing services. We provide stress analysis, critical flow size determination, disposition of defects, selection of inspection points, conditions assessment programs, remaining life determination and other additional services.